gluten free Georgia girl

Gluten Free Georgia Girl

Guest Quest Gluten VS. G.F.-Post 19

Hey guys. I have a new Guest Quest about Gluten vs. GF Life where I talk about what gluten can do to some people.  This was written by one of my relatives. They drew the pictures and I am going to tell y’all a little bit about the pictures. For my new subscribers, if you […]

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Five Guys, Restaurant Review- Post 18

Hey Guys! Sometimes do you want to eat some where with french fries, GF burgers, and good food? Well, Five Guys is the place! They have all of that! Plus, they change their gloves to prevent cross contamination………………………………..for you! If you say you are GF, of course. So here it is your Five Guys Restaurant […]

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Gluten Free Georgia Girl - Gluten Free Candy List

Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Candy List -Post 17

Hey guys So, as you know, Valentines Day is coming up. So, everyone is rushing to the store to get something for the person they love the most. Well, a lot of people get their love candy, or chocolate. Well, what do you do if they are gluten free and you want to get them chocolate? […]

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GFGAGIRL -Gluten Free Georgia Girl - Let's Enjoy Life Giveaway Winner

Let’s Enjoy Life Giveaway Winner-Post 16

Welcome. Welcome to my new subscribers, this is my Gluten Free Georgia Girl blog. I hope you stay updated by reading my posts. I love for y’all to comment and/or email me. If I am doing something that you don’t like, or that you want me to explain, then you can email me.  Please tell me […]

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Let's Enjoy Life Giveaway - Gluten Free Georgia Girl

Let’s Enjoy Life!-Post 15

Let’s Enjoy Life Giveaway!   Hey guys! Do you know how some famous bloggers have Giveaways?  Well, I am having one! The rules to my Let’s Enjoy Life Giveaway will be stated at the end of this post.  I have 2 Enjoy Life coupons.  This means I can buy 2 Enjoy Life products.  Now, Enjoy […]

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GF GA Girl - 5 gluten free restaurants

5 Good Gluten Free Restaurants-post 15

Hey guys. I am getting back to school and getting ready for an archery tournament.  I have been really busy, that is why I haven’t posted post 15.  I was supposed to be writing a different post, but I haven’t had time, so I am doing this post. Then, I will have the other post next […]

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Gluten Free Georgia Girl - gluten free brands - Udi's and Glutino

Udi’s and Glutino- Post 14

Udi’s and Glutino – Gluten Free Brands Do you know what Udi’s is? Do you know what Glutino is? They are gluten free brands! They make deliciously, good food! I wanted to say thank you to them for sending me samples and helping me.  I also want to say thank you for having gluten free food […]

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Gluten free breakfast ideas from GF GA Girl

Gluten Free Christmas Breakfast- Post 13

Gluten Free Breakfast What are you having on Christmas morning? Do you want a big breakfast or a small breakfast? I want a big breakfast. I will give you suggestions for both though, because if you live by yourself then there is no point in cooking a big breakfast. Merry Christmas! Big Breakfast: If you […]

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Guest Quest~Post 12

Hey guys, I have another Guest Quest. It is from the point of view of some one living with someone gluten free. My brother wrote this Guest Quest.  He wanted to help you guys with tips on how to help your gluten free family and friends!   Things to remember when you have a gluten […]

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Gluten Free Recipe -Post 11- Peppermint Bark

GF Recipe – Peppermint Bark


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