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Five Guys, Restaurant Review- Post 18

Five Guys, Restaurant Review- Post 18
Above:  Five Guys.  Picture taken by GF GA GIRL.

Hey Guys!

Sometimes do you want to eat some where with french fries, GF burgers, and good food? Well, Five Guys is the place! They have all of that! Plus, they change their gloves to prevent cross contamination………………………………..for you! If you say you are GF, of course. So here it is your Five Guys Restaurant Review.

Five Guys

Do you like burgers, hot dogs, and fries? Well, then you will love Five Guys! Five Guys has all of that. Also they take care of us GF people. If you tell them you are GF then they will change their gloves so you don’t get sick. Next, they have 3 different sizes for the fries: small, medium, and large. We usually get the large, but we have 5 people in our family. You might get the small or medium. After that, we have the burger and hot dogs. They are both GF. They are okay to eat. For the burgers, you can get them in a bowl or a lettuce wrap. (Make sure you say that you have to eat gluten free because of allergy, or Celiac Disease.) If it is in a lettuce wrap, it will look just like a regular burger would look except there will be a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. It will be covered in tin foil. I prefer the bowl though. That is just me though. It is really up to you. The bowl is the toppings of your choice and the burger served in a bowl (no bun).  Now, don’t forget the hot dogs. They are indeed GF. Now I have never gotten one before, but I know they are GF. Five Guys has an allergen list if you would like more information.  Locations in Georgia – Loganville, Snellville, Covington,McDonough, Buckhead and more! There are locations all over the USA, check here for a location near you.  So as you can see Five Guys is pretty good. Ya know. If you go there comment below and tell us what you got there.

Extra Info

I will not be posting as much as I usually do because I hurt my wrist.  Also, I hope y’all had a good Valentines Day! Remember: If you go to Five Guys comment below and tell us what you got there.

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