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Pamela’s Giveaway-Post 20

Pamela’s Giveaway-Post 20

Hi everyone!  I am having another Giveaway!

It’s a Pamela’s Giveaway! What is Pamela’s?  

It is a company that makes GF products. It’s just like Udi’s and Glutino. Pamela’s sent me some graham style crackers to try.  So, I thought I should totally do a blog post on it! Here it is. This is a Pamela’s blog post. Though when I was thinking about this blog post I was like, I do have quite a few of these boxes, I could just give them to somebody I know………nah! I should totally have another Giveaway, instead! I will Giveaway 1 box. There are 3 different flavors of graham style crackers. You will vote on the one you want. This will be just like last time. The 3 types are stated down bellow. (Look under Crackers+Giveaway).

Gluten Free Georgia Girl
Gluten Free Georgia Girl – Pamela’s Graham Style Crackers

Pamela’s creates many different types of gluten free foods, baking mixes and products.  They are an allergy friendly company, but I love them because they are gluten free!  They are in most grocery stores around the United States.  You can also find their products online.  Click here to see where you can find Pamela’s products near you.  

Gluten Free Georgia Girl
Gluten Free Georgia Girl – Pamela’s are great for lunches!


20th Post!:

Yeah! This is my 20th post! I am so happy that this is my 20th post! I can’t believe I will have made 20 posts after this one! I don’t know if I am over reacting or anything, but I am just so happy! Y’all don’t even know how excited and happy I am to get my blog started.  I am also excited for what some of y’all say and do for Gluten Free Georgia Girl.  Thank you for supporting me!  Remember when I first started blogging?  Look at my first blog post here!  


Okay. So there is 3 types of graham style crackers, like I said earlier. The flavors are cinnamon, chocolate, and honey. You can only pick one of these. Once you pick onecomment below. Then, subscribe to my blog! You have to be a subscriber to enter this Giveaway!


Extra Info:

  • You can enter one time for this Giveaway.
  • You must subscribe and comment by 4/16/17 at 12:00noon.  Very specific, I know.
  • Comment below and tell me what flavor graham style cracker you would like to try!
  • Remember: you have to be a subscriber and you can only comment one time.
  • If you win, we will only say you first name.
  • We will deliver the crackers you won to you as best we can, and as soon as we can.
  • Good luck you everyone!
  • Gluten Free Georgia Girl is not being compensated for this post.
Gluten Free Georgia Girl
Gluten Free Georgia Girl – Snacks for a recent trip!

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