GF AF Expo- Post 25

Hey guys!! Summer’s in, GFAF Expo is out.

I went to the GFAF Expo last weekend. It was super fun! It was just extraordinary! Thank you to the people that came to the Expo. I saw some of you and it was really fun!! I am sad it is over, but excited for next year! Some of the brands that you might know of that were there are: Udi’s, Glutino, Enjoy Life, Pure Knead, and Bfree. Bfree is the brand that made the bloggers breakfast. It was really good.

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Extra Info:  

Happy Memorial Day!! I hope you had a great Memorial Day!! I will still be posting normally. I am pretty sure nothing big like the GFAF Expo is happening. I hope you are Enjoying Life!! (Hahahaha.) If you want to read more about  Udi’s or Enjoy Life, please visit my previous blog posts.   

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One thought on “GF AF Expo- Post 25

  • June 2, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    So proud of you for participating in the Expo as a gF BLOGGER. You are making a great contribution to this effort which affects so many people.


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